Climate change has become a global problem. Short term actions are not suffice any more: we have to make decisions now, and we need to take definite measures. This really is an unprecedented challenge as there is a need for taking measures on a global level now, while at the same time changes have to be made on local level as well, concerning both local communities and individuals alike.

Having realized the importance of taking responsibility in attempting to solve these problems that have impact on the society as a whole, we established Krishna Valley 20 years ago. It is a rural community capable of giving answers to all these problems. To solve challenges people have to take initiative, each and every individual has to be aware of their responsibilities. Establishing self-sufficient farm communities is an answer to the above mentioned problems. Living in such communities people can develop a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature and surrounding environment, and they can lead to a healthy and environmentally conscious life.

The Eco Valley project is a village-size experiment involving 130 volunteers and almost 50 different institutions. They all contribute to the project with their own research and experience. They show us the results that can be obtained when a community has environmental consciousness embedded in its every-day life. Day-to-day, this project presents us with an alternative as to how we can tackle not only environmental problems, but also demanding social and economical problems effecting the whole country. We have not only targeted protecting our environment, shaping people’s views, or protecting our water-resources, but we have also addressed issues of preventive medicine, full employment, crime prevention, and we also address issues dealing with addictions or depression.

We wish to outline this unique project here throughout this website.

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