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Eat More Yoghurt and Drink Rose Mallow Tea in Heatwaves

Hemangi, our well known cook and author of several books gives us some practical advice what to eat and drink in canicular days.

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Preserving Physical and Mental Health

The environmentally conscious mindset of the Eco Valley Programme’s three basic pillars is the creation of sustainability for the unity of individual, society and environment. An important element of this is the maintenance of physical and mental health. Read the rest of this entry »

Clinic: Naturally… an Ayurvedic Clinic in a Natural Setting

In May 2014 an authentic Ayurvedic clinic will open at Hungary’s Vedic holy place — Krishna Valley. Located in a peaceful botanic garden, this health center will provide retreat in the calm of undisturbed nature.

Along with a high spiritual atmosphere, qualified health pracitioners, and a diet of organic home-grown food, you will surely have a physical and mental recuperation.

Spend your holiday next to Radhe-Syama and make a refreshing recovery in the company of Their loving devotees.

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