The Smart Protein team has exciting news to share with you! A pan-European survey, published by ProVeg International, in partnership with Innova Market Insights, the University of Copenhagen, and Ghent University, as part of the Smart Protein project, has just been published and is available to download for free.

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The pan-European survey has been published and analyzed in detail by the partnership lead by ProVeg International. The results indicate that a significant shift towards plant-based eating is taking place across the continent. A country specific report was also created providing country-specific findings.

Download the country-specific report for free!

According to Jasmijn de Boo, vice president of ProVeg International, “the survey suggests tremendous potential for plant-based foods in Europe and gives a green light to all relevant players in the field to develop more and better products. Consumer demand for alternative proteins is growing at a remarkable rate, with no end in sight.”

Those interested more in the topic may join a webinar (16 November 2021 | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm) and learn more about consumers’ attitudes towards the consumption of plant-based foods, the degree to which they trust such products, their current consumption habits, the key drivers of their food choices, and various other relevant topics in the field of alternative protein.

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