Strengthening city-states, harshening weekdays, an all-powerful world government and completely new regulations – these may be some of the novelties of the three-year old financial crisis, the one that has reached new depths this year, according to futurologists.

Lots of variants that have to be taken into account make the accurate prediction difficult. free car insurance quotes Nonetheless, one thing is sure and that is the overgrowth of society and economy, which caused its own inelasticity at the same time. Moreover, in any case we may give up our hope in the general welfare of society.
Consequently, the worst scenario describes total chaos and collapse that awaits the globe after the decadence of the America-dominated world. Some of the authors delineate events similar to the fall of the Roman Empire, after which only minor regional territories will be able to cooperate. This version is also called “world of strongholds”, because in this view merely prominent territories, fortresses can preserve the achievements and welfare of civilization.
However, this theory is quite uncertain because it is without precedent or model, as the world so far has not seen the fall of a developed, industrialized democratic state. Therefore, we do not know “how deep the fall can be”, says Zoltán Galántai, futurologist. It makes a difference whether the world gets back either to 1900 or to the 18th century, as in our age 2.5 times more people live on the Earth, than a society based on an eighteen hundred technological advancement can sustain.

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