unique and unmatched area within the Eco Valley Programme is the ecological animal husbandry and dairy farming.Our animals browse in pesticide free meadows. First and foremost, in a special environment where the husbandry techniques are used, our breeders place special attention to the needs of animals. Due to these actions we are able to observe such events which are unheard of in other places: heifers also give milk.  The lactation cycle of our cows is also record breaking: there are cows that have been producing milk for the last 12 years continuously. Moreover, also the life expectancy of the animals are breaking records as they are also high. In normal agricultural circles it is also considered unique that we use oxen in agricultural work and for transportation, thus further reducing the need for machinery and the strain on our environment.

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  • shambhu B. Shrestha

    Dear sir,

    I want to establish model village in Nepal. In hill area so please suggest me to concept about model village and how to proceed to start model village in livestock production and management.Thanks

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