Follow the water, and you can understand much of humanity’s past and future.

Water makes up about 70% of the human body, and covers 70% of Earth’s surface.

Importantly, however, the 70% figure for the Earth grants scant solace to our ecological crisis. Seawater—salty—accounts for 97.5% of all that water on Earth.

A further 1.75% is frozen, at the poles, in glaciers or in permafrost. So the world has to rely on just 0.75% of the planet’s available water, almost all of which is subterranean groundwater. Yet of that 0.75% is the 0.3% on the surface. From that tiny amount of surface water, humanity draws 59% of its needs.


Let’s not take Nature’s gift of freshwater supplies for granted. And whose nature is it? Energy exists without an energetic source?

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