10830978_10203537449059800_2530791774671940523_oGovardhan Eco Village, situated in the Sahyadri mountains near Mumbai, is a model ISKCON farming community and retreat center. The community is situated on 75 acres, which include a beautiful temple, a school, a center for Vaisnava studies, an Ayurvedic treatment center, a gosala for cows and a retreat center for learning yoga. Most of the food residents eat is grown on the farm. A herd of healthy cows provide plenty of milk. All buildings and houses are built with mud-bricks made locally. With much construction going on, they produce over 1,000 bricks a day. The project has received numerous awards from the Indian government for their contributions to ecology. Everyone who is interested in developing a small-scale community is deeply impressed by the entire project which serves as a true testament to simple living and high thinking. To learn more about Govardhan Eco Village please visit: www.ecovillage.org.in

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