LavandulaA genuine summer recipe from our reader:

Often, readers of our website also help in editing, and also send their questions, ideas as well as favourite recipes. This is the case with the lavender syrup recipe, too. One of our attentive readers has noticed that this great summer cooling refreshment is not yet listed on the website. Although elderflower has already waned, we will not stay without fresh homemade syrup…

Lavender syrup

Making it is very simple and the result is very delicious!

Ingredients: 6 cups of sugar, 6 lemons’ squeezed juice, and if you like the grated rind (However, if you want to use lemon zest, then buy organic lemon by all means!), 2 cups of water, 2 cups of lavender flowers. You may use dried flowers as well.


Preparation: Boil the sugar, lemon juice and water together, as well as lemon rind in a bowl. But watch out, the white part of the lemon rind should not get into the juice. When the sugar has completely melted, put into the liquid the lavender flowers, take it off from the fire, cover it and leave to rest. After several hours sieve the juice, although I often leave it for an entire night to rest… And one may do so up to 24 hours. After clarification we have to boil it once again, and pour it into bottles, while the juice is still warm. Then we have to cover the bottles with dry clothes to let them cool slowly.

Furthermore, three limes can replace the 6 lemons, and we can also add a few blades of lemon balm to the juice.

The colour of the juice will not be purple, of course, and indeed it may be pretty pale, but do not be alarmed, the taste will be very delicious…

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