With a thorough realization of environmental consciousness and sustainability this project aims to improve environmental conditions. Protecting local water resources, waste-water management, and improving the quality of drinking water are all important elements of the Eco Valley project, as is presenting and providing education on these activities. It is an immense challenge for every community to provide enough drinking water, then for irrigation and other water supplies in case of fire. While at the same time they have to secure the continual stability and future of their water resources – it is possible only with a well-conceived local action plan.

Our main projects:

  • a local water and waste water management program with zero-energy consumption (We have an approved plan for a natural reed-bed zone sewage system and the cleaned water from this system is to be used for the irrigation of the botanic garden.)
  • using and protecting local water resources
  • storing rainwater, managing surface waters and protecting local habitats and micro-climates