The European Union is currently considering banning established and widely understood terms such as ‘burger’‘sausage’, and ‘steak’ for plant-based products. Additionally, the proposed EU ban would prohibit dairy-related terms, such as ‘yoghurt style’‘cheese alternative’, and ‘butter substitute’

Photo: ProVeg International

The main argument behind this proposal is to avoid consumer confusion. However, terms such as ‘veggie burger’ and ‘veggie sausage’ provide important information regarding the taste and uses that people can expect from a product. Consumers buy plant-based products precisely because they know these products offer similar taste experiences and functionalities to their animal-based counterparts.

The proposed restrictions would be in direct contradiction to the EU’s stated objectives in the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy of creating more sustainable and healthier food systems. The Farm to Fork Strategy explicitly states the need to empower consumers “to choose sustainable food” and to make “it easier to choose healthy and sustainable diets”. 

Add your name and tell the European Parliament not to accept the proposed veggie burger ban.
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