The reason why our project is of global interest is that one of our main goals is to apply our accumulating knowledge and expertise in order to share it and in this way assist others to also operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We consider sharing and passing on our experience about environmentally conscious lifestyle extremely important.

In our model community we organize sustainability conferences. We receive many invitations to give presentations in Hungary and abroad, which we gladly accept. We also organize courses and Open Days of Sustainability to provide even more possibilities to make connections and learn. At present, we offer nine different course syllabuses which are available for participants throughout the year. We also publish a bi-yearly magazine in Hungarian which includes various articles about self-sufficiency, sustainability, ecologically friendly farming methods and more. Our model farm is open to guests year-round and those who visit are offered guided tours and are introduced to our ecological practices. Once a year in July, the community holds a large three-day festival, hosting visitors from all over Hungary and abroad who visit to see practical examples of what residents do and to learn about the culture and philosophy behind their lifestyle. In total, approximately 25,000 people visit our project yearly.

We would like to expand on what our educational department is able to offer. Our future plans are to open an on-site school which will offer many more courses and workshops to the general public. We also hope to expand the number of volunteers on our farm, because for us having volunteers is not merely an opportunity to get help, but also an opportunity to share our knowledge.