Environmentally conscious lifestyle

We would like to present Eco Valley’s activities to people in general effectively targeting as wide an audience as possible. The training and research center aiming at environmentally conscious lifestyle is a building with an area of almost 1000 square meters, which represents environmental consciousness both in its appearance and in its maintenance. This training center, which provides theoretical as well as practical training, along with its natural environment, its botanic garden and the various facilities all aim to demonstrate and propagate a sustainable lifestyle.

Or main projects:

  • an ecological and lifestyle training center, attracting a lot of visitors annually (in the heart of an 11 hectare botanic garden)
  • a center for using renewable energies (self-sufficient buildings)
  • a local waste management model project
  • research possibilities, conferences and training courses
  • field-works based around presentations
  • local answers to the impacts of global climate change, experimental solutions

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