We are pleased to inform you about the re-design of the V-Label label designs.

Benefits of the updated labels

Thanks to visible and recognizable labeling, more than a third of the world’s population knows the V-Label. When scouting for dietary choices aligned with their values, seven out of ten consider products with V-Label healthier and 57% simply trust it more. By exploring a variety of plant-based choices with V-Label, consumers can reduce their emissions, water, and deforestation footprint.

The new labels further ensure easier differentiation between vegan and vegetarian products, which increases transparency and helps consumers find the products they want and need. We are confident your consumers will become familiar with the new labels very soon.

The changes in design

Major changes have only been made in the VEGETARIAN label, but both labels have been modernized and adapted for an international audience. A new font is used and the wording within the circle has also been adapted. 

Where it used to say “EUROPEAN VEGETARIAN UNION / V-LABEL.EU”, it now says “V-LABEL INTERNATIONAL / V-LABEL.COM”. This enables us to do justice to the continuous growth and expansion of the V-Label beyond the European market, and is linked to a change in the address of V-Label’s website, which is now www.v-label.com.

When handling the new labels, it is important to note that the minimum width (of the rectangle) for the VEGETARIAN label is now 14mm, instead of only 12mm (diameter of the circle) as is still the case for the VEGAN label. This is due to the fact that the VEGETARIAN label has become wider due to the rectangle around the circle and the writing within the circle should remain legible.

In addition, the VEGETARIAN label may only be printed in the original colors (green-yellow) or black and white and no longer in 2 different color schemes depending on the background. This is still possible with the VEGAN label, but in both cases we recommend printing in the original colors whenever possible.

More detailed information on the correct handling can be found in our Style Guide, but we recommend asking for feedback on any implementations if needed.

Timeline for implementation

We are not asking any producer to retract products with the old labels, nor do we require the printing of new packaging strictly to implement the new labels, as we want to avoid generating avoidable waste. That is why we foresee a timeframe of two years for the labels to be widely adopted.

As with previous packaging approvals, the layout of new packaging must be approved by the responsible licensor before proceeding with printing. Upon approval, the V-Label can be printed and used in marketing campaigns.

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