Yes, there is, indeed.

To the attention of all those who would like to build their own self-sufficient systems, and of course, to those who wash by hand in absence of electricity.


We have collected a great number of so-called ‘washing machines’ that function without electricity from all over the world.


A machine working with a pedal, you may look into how it works.


A modern looking machine working on the same principle like above.


A similar one with a pedal, small-size, and with centrifugation.

The drum of the washing machine is situated in the first wheel of the exercise bike.


A similar to the above one with two pedals.


One with a pedal and gear lever.


A washing machine converted from a bicycle.


A machine operated by hands.


A machine with fan belt and pedal, and the home-made ‘drum’ is situated in a plastic container.


The washing machine and drum are mounted in the place of the back wheel of the bicycle.


A small and simple plastic container operated by a bicylce chain.


Furthermore, a bicycle can be used for manifold tasks, for instance pulling water.


Or for example, blendering.


We are thankful to Vrindavani devi dasi for collecting the links.

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