Krishna Valley and the Eco Valley foundation have recently set up a weather station near the organic garden as a sign of their mutual cooperation in the field of education and research. By this action an old dream has come true because the weather station helps not only the work of the gardeners but provides data for researchers and students as well.

The weather station was donated by one of our friendly supporters.

The station consists of an outdoor exposure and an indoor apparatus (type WH-2080). The transmission of the signals between the outdoor and indoor instruments is done by wireless equipment that is based on radio waves.

The outdoor exposure contains an indicator measuring the strength and direction of the wind, a pluviometer as well as a thermometer and a weather-gauge. The weather station, if adjusted accordingly, can gather data in every hour.

Data sample: the temperature in Krishna Valley between 1st and 17th November (recorded hourly)

The weather data will be useful in the planning of garden activities, because the quantity and quality of yield and the weather factor are closely related and can be calculated. We hope that the weather station will be of great help in the ecological and agricultural researches taking place in Krishna Valley and in the more objective evaluation of our students’ to-be thesis.

– KA –