The California Drought in Pictures

california-mapThis short footage showing the drastic environmental changes in the state of California, USA would usually go into the No comment! category, and it would unquestionably strengthen our understanding that there is a lot to do if we really want to protect and help our environment regenerate. You may also see the latest chart on U.S. Drought Monitor released 5 January, 2016. It is worth contemplating whether the COP 21 conference accords, which were addressed with cheers and ovations, will really help our environment, or we have to act on a more vigorous level and adapt our lifestyle rapidly.

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Will That Be Enough? The Paris Climate Change Conference (COP 21)

cop21 From November 30 to December 11, 2015, the Paris Climate Change conference (COP 21) meeting in Paris was a unique historical event, a critical opportunity for world leaders and decision makers to make the right choice. All political leaders had to bear in mind that they might broker an agreement; but our planet is not negotiable.

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Project Meeting in Hungary

4-First-MeetingOur project had its second meeting in Hungary, in the beautiful setting of Krishna Valley spiritual community, the foremost model community of the Eco Valley Foundation. One of our participant and project partner, Lara Orlic has written a report about the meeting, which describes her experience and highlights about the event. Enjoy reading!


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La Nouvelle Mayapur

P1090514 copyThis year, Nouvelle Mayapur, that is New Mayapur, the ISKCON farm in France gave place to the European Cow Protection and Farm Development conference. Usually every year a different European farming community hosts this three-day meeting, thus this year it was the French community that organized the event. Read on »

NASA’s Ocean Garbage Islands Simulation

szemetsziget1NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio created a computer simulation to show how five major ‘garbage islands’ are accumulated in the oceans around the world in the past decades. Read on »

Philippe Borrel: The Invisible (R)evolutions

urgence-de-ralentir-290x163It is said that practical example is the best way to get real change. Against the streams of words, against pessimism and discouragement, against all of the situations that seem preset, unalterable and too big for us. The Invisible (R)evolutions (“L’urgence de ralentir” is the original French title) is a documentary by the French director Philippe Borrel. Read on »

Experiences of the Project Meeting in Sweden

IMG_1007 copy‘Human life is meant for simple living and high thinking.’

(A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami: The Nectar of Devotion, 1st chapter, 2nd verse, purport)


The ‘Simple Living – High Thinking’ project of the Eco Valley Foundation won a grant from the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 40 youth workers and young people will participate in this training project for adults. They represent 5 partner organisations from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden and Slovenia. Read on »

Before and After Lemon: The Green Grape Juice (alias Verjuice)

We have to pick grapes nowadays (in the middle and at the end of July), because when they start ripening, it is too late. Red grapes have to be picked before the colour changes, and white ones before lightening, when they already have enough juice.

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Will Leading Consumers Seize The New Opportunity at Next Climate Summit?

UN-Convention-on-the-Rights-of-the-ChildIn this film you may watch the video message sent by United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon to Hungary.

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Simple Living, High Thinking

erasmus-plusThe Eco Valley Foundation has been awarded a grant in the Erasmus+ project entitled “Simple living-high thinking” by the European Commission. This project is a Strategic Partnership project involving 40 youth workers and youth from 5 partner organisations from Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Sweden.

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The 2010 Sustainability Conference financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed.