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Sustainable Agriculture

Landscape in Krishna Valley at the time of its foundation, back in 1993 was quite similar like that of outside its territory: huge areas of arable land with some tree lines. Today’s agriculture aimed at small-scale, sustainable farming has established a mosaic-structured landscape on the whole terrain of Krishna Valley, which are apparent if you take a look around you.
On the banks of the streams and ponds, lakes due to nature-friendly farming and conscious land use one may find exuberant, lush vegetation: sedged brooks, groves of alders and willows, marshland.


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Cow Protection and Ox Power

In Krishna Valley we call cattle herding quite distinctively, namely Cow Protection, indicating its sharp difference from the generally spread industrialized method of stock farming. In Krishna Valley animals are never ever slaughtered, their keeping is done with care, humanely. For instance, they are milked by hand and we are content with the amount of milk they naturally give (i.e. we do not give them artificial additives), and also cows graze on the large pastures of the Valley.

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Renewable Energies

The main principle behind Krishna Valley’s energy need is the endeavour for self-sufficiency and in close relation to this the use of renewable energy resources.

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The Journey of Water in Krishna Valley

This is the first stop of Krishna Valley’s learning path on ecological farming.

This approximately 2 km long walk shows how people can produce their basic needs in harmony with nature.

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Gift for Visitors from 20-year Old Krishna Valley Community

Most recently a study path has been set up  in Krishna Valley on ecological farming and environment-conscious lifestyle. This project was carried out by subsidy from a grant and the path begins from the newly built reception building. There are 6 stops altogether that depict various aspects of Krishna Valley’s lifestyle.

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The 2010 Sustainability Conference financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed.