Every single moment of the day is a matter of making the right choices for a better world. Eco Valley Foundation, a non-profit organization in Hungary, strives to be a channel of a model community, which makes efforts to become a working module of a self sustainable, ecological, organic and environmentally friendly farming operation and community. By doing so, Eco Valley Foundation does not merely hope to better our own immediate structures, but to also helps others find their own way to do the same. Therefore, we put education and volunteer work projects at our forefront. On our website you can find out more about who we are, extend your knowledge through our blog posts and seminars, apply to volunteer with us and find out how you can support our endeavours.
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Ongoing Projects

We always work hard at accomplishing our goals and when one project is in the works we have already started working on the next. Even after achieving some of our aims, we continue exploring how we can improve them yet further. Here is a general guideline to what we focus on most.
Sustainability Through Ecological, Organic Farming
Sustainability Through Finding Alternatives
Sustainability Through Education

Latest News

Everything there is to know about ecological, organic and environmental topics can be found here.
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Our Team

This is who works behind the scenes.
Péter Németh
Péter Németh

Managing Director

Acting as the current head of the Eco Valley project, he continues taking part in the educational and research projects, and is generally in charge of all the activities related to the Eco Valley Foundation.

    György Kirs
    György Kirs

    Program Coordinator

    With his great organizational knowledge and ability, as well as his proficiency in English, György is responsible for our international exchanges and various grant projects. International connections, projects as well as their promotion are in his capable hands.

      Vilmos Pőcze
      Vilmos Pőcze


      Teaching and putting into practice that which is envisioned by our professionals, Vilmos assists in the ongoing research projects by not only doing his own share in the research, but actually in heading much of the landscape management in the model community.

        Tali Yanuka Paonessa
        Tali Yanuka Paonessa

        Head of Volunteer Department

        Helping and counselling volunteers are Tali's main responsibility. Engaging volunteers in the opportunities within the Eco Valley project that is most suited for each one of them, while ensuring the best conditions ever are of upper-most priority for her.

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