slht-logo-lastComing to the finalization of our project Simple Living, High Thinking, our partner organization, Sanga has finished the educational movie. The film is inspired by the main idea of the project and we sincerely hope it is going to be an inspiration for all those who are interested in this concept and lifestyle.

The Simple Living, High Thinking project connected organisations and their workers who are active in youth work, interested in areas of sustainability, self-sufficiency, healthy lifestyle and youth employment.

The film addresses challenges of life and  discusses issues of  promoting simple and healthy lifestyle by showing various examples in Europe. It considers possibilities of engaging young people in rural context, developing organic gardening and other means of self-sufficiency, and furthermore, encourages spirituality, compassion, solidarity and active approach towards modern challenges.

The film is in English, but there are several subtitles with it: Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian. It can be freely downloaded.

Enjoy watching!!!


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