This year in Hungary the Association of Conscious Consumers (ACC) issued a new 12-point paragraph to such customers on the ‘Buy Nothing Day’.

Why is there a need for new points?

Because (almost) everyone contributes to selective waste collection, (almost) everyone takes a bag or basket when going shopping, as well as writes a list in order to be aware what he or she wants to buy. It is an undeniable fact that there are more and more environment conscious and socially sensitive consumers. However, only few of us know what are those important things that have great impact on our environment.

In what way do we pollute the environment above all?

The ecological footprint analysis of WWF has shown that if everyone in the world lived like an average Hungarian, then we would need 2 planets. No matter that we think we are not a rich country, we have to fall into line with the West and so on, we already consume more energy resources (energy, land, water, wood, metals, etc.) that we actually have. National and international researches of sustainable living all show that our lifestyle has 3 such factors that have considerable damage on the environment. These are the following:

  • Eating habits, in particular meat consumption;
  • Housing, especially heating (and cooling);
  • Transport, in particular automobilism.

The (new) 12-point paragraph of conscious consumers

1. Animal husbandry has greater environmental impact than transportation. Eat less meat and dairy products. Both climate and your health will repay for it.

2. Eat more local produce of vegetables, fruits, and foodstuffs in general. In this way you will support local economy and environment pollution caused by transport will decrease.

3. Drink tap water. In most places it is of excellent quality, it does not need bottling and forwarding by trucks. It is cheaper as well.

4. Insulate. We use most energy on heating.

5. Switch off, turn down the air-conditioning. Turn down the thermostat.

6. Avoid chemicals. Choose organic food, fresh produces, authorized organic and natural cosmetics and detergents, clothing, furniture, houses made without chemical processing.

7. Go on foot, cycle more. Use public transport more frequently. In this way, you will do more exercises and emit less fume.

8. Go on holiday in your country. I bet you have not visited several fascinating places yet.

9. Purchase durable, long-lasting, repairable things. Furthermore, before buying always ask yourself whether you really need it.

10. If it breaks down, have it repaired.

11. Learn how advertisements function. Then you will be able to resist.

12. Check to which companies your money goes. Are you supporting good or bad corporations? (How do they treat their employees, animals? Are their activities environment-friendly? Is their marketing ethical?)

+1 You do not need to do all at once. Change your lifestyle step by step. Start with the most attractive, most interesting or easiest thing but do net get stuck, develop further slowly, gradually.

Never lose focus: consumption does not make you happy.


(in Hungarian),