Another solution would be better…

According to the spirit and practices of the Eco Valley Foundation, lacto-vegetarianism means a diet including milk products from animals that are cared for by principles of high ethics.

The report published by Greenpeace also encourages us to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy products so as to protect life.

Greenpeace calls governments to put an end to supporting industrial meat and dairy production, and instead support farmers who want to change to organic farming and would have grazing livestock instead.

Globally, the production and consumption of meat and dairy products of today should be halved by 2050 in order to avoid catastrophic effects of climate change, which are threatening life on Earth, as well as to keep to the set goals of the Paris Climate Convention, Greenpeace claims in their new international report. If we do not temper current consumption and production trends, 52% of global greenhouse gas emissions will be produced by agriculture in the following decades, 70% of which will come from the meat and dairy industry.

Please read the full article on Greenpeace’s webpage by clicking here.

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