It is unbelievable, but western governments are dumping millions of tonnes of plastic waste on developing countries with paradise coastlines instead of recycling it!

We have all seen shocking pictures of paradise beaches choked with plastic waste. But I bet none of us knew the plastic could be from Europe, the US, and Canada.

Plastic Waste in Visakhapatnam

Right now, in a bid to tackle this scandal, a summit in Geneva is deciding whether to stop the export of plastic trash to countries that cannot process it. There is huge support for the idea, but big business and powerful governments like the Trump administration are trying to block it. However, a massive show of public support could make the difference. So it is important that we speak out urgently with a single clear message: stop dumping plastic in paradise! 

Plastic is literally choking our oceans. Everywhere we look we see the carnage – dead whales washing up with stomachs full of plastic, seabirds suffocating, turtles drowning in plastic nets. The fact is that most of the plastic enters the sea in developing countries without strong recycling systems. This is the reason why it is so INSANE that rich countries are shipping their plastic waste to some of these exact countries.

Plastic Paradise

Movements like Avaaz, and other organizations and activists have fought the scourge of plastic pollution again and again. They have helped win bans on plastic bags, funded clean up plans on polluted rivers, and delivered a giant call to ban throwaway plastics to the UN. Now it is time we support these actions in a need to rise to defend our oceans again.

Now we have a chance to change it. A coalition of countries led by Norway is pushing to add plastic to a deal on hazardous waste, meaning it could not be exported unless there were safeguards it would be properly processed, and giving poorer countries the right to refuse it. We cannot solve the plastic crisis engulfing our oceans while using pristine coastlines as a global plastic dump. The decision will be made in several days, so it is time to join now to tell our governments: stop dumping plastic!

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