paraszthazDescription and evaluation of Hungarian eco-villages is compiled in a thesis at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest). Beáta Hári, student of ELTE Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences chose a very interesting and relevant topic for her thesis. She studied all the Hungarian eco-villages from the aspect of applied sustainability and regional development.
Her comprehensive work obtains an insight into the very functioning of these eco-villages and everyday life of their inhabitants.

She laid down three major conditions required for a well functioning and long-term sustainable eco-village:

– Ecological sustainability
– Social sustainability
– Economic sustainability

According to her research, at present there are two eco-villages in Hungary that meet these requirements. One of them is Visnyeszéplak and the other is Krishna Valley.

(The thesis is only available in Hungarian.)

5 thoughts to “Krishna Valley: Excellent in Sustainability

  • Jelena


    Is it possible to get a contact of Beáta Hári, student who made a thesis? I’m interested in topic and would really like to ask some questions.

    Thank you.



  • Szilvia Rév

    Dear Jelena,

    We have sent Beáta Hári’s e-mail address direct to your private e-mail box.
    Best wishes,

    Szilvia Rév
    Eco-valley foundation

  • Mariela Baca

    Good day,

    I am also writing on the same topic, is it possible to also get her email address?

    thanks a lot and congratulations for the nice work.

    Mariela Baca

  • Gyurka

    Dear Dario,

    Thank you for your letter.
    Please specify what kind of mail do you think of?

    Best regards,

  • Gyurka

    Dear Marco,

    Yes, there is an opportunity to conduct such a research in Krishna Valley.
    First of all, please send us your CV and a sketch of your research project. After receiving those documents, we will let you know the details of coming here.

    Best regards,


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