Earth was once a planet of trees. Great towering giants, boundless rainforests, and vast woodlands brimming with life. Not anymore.

Now half the Earth’s forests are gone. 476 trees are chopped down or burnt every second (over 5,000 since you started reading) — to clear space for ever more cattle, palm oil, and soya.

Photo: nightmare

However, Europe is finally considering a new law to ban the sale of all products linked to deforestation – and as the world’s second largest consumer market, this is HUGE. Imagine if there was no market for forest-killing beef from the Amazon, or palm oil from the jungles, or cutting down fir trees for Christmas – it’s the first step!

Things were serious a decade ago, but now it’s a full-blown planetary emergency. Forests provide the oxygen we breathe, they protect our climate, and are home to 80% of land-based life, and yet they are being decimated.

Up to half of all supermarket products contain palm oil – then add the beef, soya, coffee, cocoa, cosmetics, etc. Our supermarkets are a forest destruction crime scene.

But now we can finally have a law to stop them!

This new bill could ban companies from selling forest-killing products, cutting the cash that pays for the destruction of the woodlands, rainforests, and trees that have stood for centuries. If it passes, Europe’s consumer power is so big that this one change could transform the global supply chain.

So let’s win it! For the trees, the jaguars, the orangutans, the tigers, gorillas, and millions of people who live in the world’s forests – and for every time you’ve ever looked up at a tree in awe – add your name to the official consultation now:

Stop the tree massacre!

To the European Commission:
“As citizens and consumers from across the world, we support new legislation to ban the sale of any products linked to deforestation. This is an opportunity to use Europe’s consumer power to protect our Earth’s forests, and lead the world to a sustainable future.”

Let’s win this now and help save the world’s forests – add your voice before the consultation closes, and tell everyone you can. Earth can’t wait another second.

Earth needs this law – so let’s win it now and help save the world’s forests!


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