One of the rare positive effects of foodstuffs’ price increase is that it has become a worldwide known fact how important food-production is, says Jose Graziano da Silva, Brazilian authority, FAO’s new director general who entered office a few weeks ago. He considers access to food and land utmost important, so that people have the facilities to buy or produce what they eat. “There is plenty of food, but a lot of people, especially the poor cannot afford it, as it is too expensive. People are starving next to laded shelves”, claims da Silva. Food prices are rising and similarly the Earth’s population is growing. Even though economic crisis inflicts the world, da Silva claims that adequate regulations and reforms can put a stop to hunger. However, to achieve this people have to undergo a change.

“Compared to the year 2000, the greatest change is that after the disaster of the Lehman Brothers the world has understood: we all live on the same planet, all the countries are interdependent. A new kind of solidarity has already developed, he emphasizes. In case of famine, the world acts quite quickly nowadays as there are financial resources put aside for exigency.“

Da Silva believes one of the unique positive effects of increasing food prices is that it has become worldwide known how important food is. “Hunger has become the number one priority. We have to take advantage of this situation in a way that we build up a global strategy to secure food supplies”, he emphasizes.

Fine words that according to da Silva, will be followed by actions as well.

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