One of the main goals of the Eco Valley Programme is the use of renewable energy resources. A common goal of organizations who have made the Eco Valley Programme possible is to ensure long term sustainability. Bearing this in mind, as part of the renewable resources initiative solar and wind energy as well as the use of wood take top priority.

The eco village of Somogyvámos today utilizes mainly renewable energy resources. For heating and cooking, residents of the village only use firewood, whereas for electricity production most of is gained by collecting solar energy.

2 thoughts to “Use of Renewable Energy Resources

  • Richard Menec

    For cooking you should use solar ovens instead of wood! Here is a picture of my oven, which will reach a temperature of 450 degrees Farenheit, hot enough to bake breads and pizzas.

    Here is my oven:

  • Szilvia Rév

    Successful solar cooking is dependent upon access to sunshine and the right climate. Though solar cooking is possible in many — if not most — countries, it is most practical for people living in climates that are generally dry and sunny for at least six months of the year.
    Unfortunately our country (Hungary) isn’t apropriate for use the solar energy direct for cooking. See the map:


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