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Farm Conference in Scotland

The 2018 European Farm Conference, which was held in Karuna Bhavan, Scotland, was a wonderful, enlivening experience. Dr. Lisa Cameron MP opened the Farm Conference on behalf of the Scottish 1st Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and although the weather in Scotland was cold and wet, the residents of Karuna Bhavan (or Krishna Eco Farm) were able to completely transform the entire atmosphere into a warm and welcoming environment. Treating all the conference guests like family, sharing their home, experiences and tasty sanctified food with us all, we felt right at home.

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Training in Social Entrepreneurship in Zagreb

At the end of November last year, we participated in a six-day training program for young people in the Erasmus + program in Zagreb, which targeted the field of social enterprises. The apt title of the project was “Socially Inspired – Entrepreneurship for You(th)” and the organizers of the training were members of the association O.A.ZA. (Održiva Alternativa ZAjednici – Sustainable Alternative to Society). The host organization invited the staff and volunteers of the Eco Valley Foundation to participate in this training, since in a broad sense our foundation also deals with a similar kind of social entrepreneurship.

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Youth for Sustainability Meeting in Sweden

Our community’s youth had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ project, a grant focusing on youth exchange and education in the field of self-sufficiency, environment protection and community building. The project is called “Youth for Sustainability”.

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Successful 10th European Farm Conference

After the 10th anniversary of ISKCON Farm Conference in Europe ended, it can be concluded that all the participants and organizers relished the  major event of the conference as well as the pre-conference activities, which took place at Krishna Valley in Hungary, running from September 11th to 17th. Networking and collaboration characterized the past 10 years among such rural communities, which culminated in a major conference every year. This year the initiative celebrated its 10th anniversary in Europe.

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Video Invitation to the 10th European Farm Conference

The spiritual leader of Krishna Valley’s community, Sivarama Swami, which is hosting the 10th European Farm Conference, invites participants from all over Europe and the world to take part in the annual ISKCON farm conference. Watch the video and join the conference!

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Invitation to the 10th European Farm Conference

The ISKCON GBC Ministry for Cow Protection and Agriculture, which organized conferences on simple living in four continents last year, supports the 10th European Farm Conference. The conference, themed “Back to Basics,” will be facilitated by Krishna Valley, the primary model community of the Eco Valley Foundation.

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Sparkling Atmosphere in the Meeting of Hungarian Ecovillages

The Eco Valley Foundation organized the 16th Winter Meeting of the Hungarian Ecovillages, which was an enriching experience filled with personal connections and practical wisdom on community sustainability. During the organized and spontaneous discussions new dimensions opened up and the participants enriched each other with precious experience and ideas.

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Will That Be Enough? The Paris Climate Change Conference (COP 21)

cop21 From November 30 to December 11, 2015, the Paris Climate Change conference (COP 21) meeting in Paris was a unique historical event, a critical opportunity for world leaders and decision makers to make the right choice. All political leaders had to bear in mind that they might broker an agreement; but our planet is not negotiable.

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Project Meeting in Hungary

4-First-MeetingOur project had its second meeting in Hungary, in the beautiful setting of Krishna Valley spiritual community, the foremost model community of the Eco Valley Foundation. One of our participant and project partner, Lara Orlic has written a report about the meeting, which describes her experience and highlights about the event. Enjoy reading!


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La Nouvelle Mayapur

P1090514 copyThis year, Nouvelle Mayapur, that is New Mayapur, the ISKCON farm in France gave place to the European Cow Protection and Farm Development conference. Usually every year a different European farming community hosts this three-day meeting, thus this year it was the French community that organized the event. Read the rest of this entry »


The 2010 Sustainability Conference financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed.