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A New Film – Simple Living, High Thinking

slht-logo-lastComing to the finalization of our project Simple Living, High Thinking, our partner organization, Sanga has finished the educational movie. The film is inspired by the main idea of the project and we sincerely hope it is going to be an inspiration for all those who are interested in this concept and lifestyle.

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Eco Valley Magazine

okovolgy-logo2An English magazine of Eco Valley Foundation’s free publications can be downloaded from the link below.

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Film about Eco Valley Program

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filmWatch the 3-minute promotion of our Eco gatherings might and feel the. Valley film.

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Short Questions – Short Answers about Krishna Valley

1.              Name, location and size of your community?
Krishna Valley
Somogyvámos, Hungary
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Models for Environmental Crisis Management

dsc_6339Even city dwellers have several choices to actively take part in reducing climate crisis. Many tiny GREEN changes remarkably contribute to decrease present and approaching crises. However, those who take their roll seriously even try to get out from the consumer society’s madness. Gradual reduction of demands improve every individual’s inner harmony and tranquility, rather than accumulating newer and newer goods. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Foundation Became a Participant in the Hungarian – Indian Intergovernmental Cooperation

kezfogas11Among several research institutes and many universities, The Eco Valley Foundation is a Hungarian cooperative partner as well in the Hungarian-Indian Intergovernmental Cooperation. India and Hungary prepared a work schedule for 2009 and 2010 and they signed an agreement on ministerial level on 15 October, 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

Self-sufficient Farm Communities – A Real Answer to Global Crisis

Issues in connection with climate change have become an everyday topic in media. While some years ago a greater mass of leading scientists did not want to openly take sides in this question, now more and more studies come to light that declare that global climate crisis is not a question but a fact. These studies urge international steps and cooperation. Read the rest of this entry »

React to the Need for Change by Changing Yourself

The Eco Valley project provides a special opportunity for us to show tangible results in solving urgent national problems brought about by climate changes.
This project fits well into the regional ecological policy of the Southern Transdanubian Region, which is highly education-centered. The project is also completely in harmony with the aims of the New Hungary Development Plan (Új Magyarország Fejlesztési Terv). We already have the necessary basis to build on, the project is well prepared, it has clearly visible and measurable targets, it is cost effective and it is well maintainable in the long term after its implementation. It will be maintained well because:

  • it contributes considerably to the protection of the environment using renewable energies and organic farming.
  • it provides a relevant local action plan to face the global challenges of climate change.
  • it provides well organized education for both young and adult audiences to promote the dissemination of ideas of organic farming and organic living.
  • it creates new jobs and enhances social integration.
  • besides all the above mentioned points, this project is a model project, and a unique eco-touristic target on a European scale.

Information Campaign

The Eco Valley project not only undertakes the providing of theoretical and practical education for people who come here (whose numbers can reach 30 000 yearly) but it also aims at informing and educating wider masses of people in the whole society about these environmental issues.
This has a prominent importance for a sustainable society and economy as it is indispensable to change life-styles, views and customs if we really want to see results on national scale. This need is addressed by the communication department of the Eco Valley Foundation.


The eco-household is a venue for training people in the practical aspects of sustainable living. Besides conveying environmentally conscious values it also aims at instructing people: how each and everyone can do something for improving the conditions of their surroundings instead of destroying it. This is of utmost importance as there are already many theoretical systems for tackling environmental problems, but as long as these are not present in our lives they will remain nothing more but Utopian ideas.

Our projects in this field:

  • an open yard, where everyone can take part in the activities of natural life (various programs for different target-groups)
  • practical training sessions, first steps of a paradigm-change
  • organic farming and self-sustainability
  • practicing and teaching traditional craftsmanship
  • accessory facilities


The 2010 Sustainability Conference financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed.