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Primeval Forests Disappearing Faster and Faster

Annually, more than 87,000 square kilometres of the world’s forests disappeared from 2014 to 2016. This is a 20 percent faster devastation than in the previous ten years.

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Jane Goodall’s Message on Earth’s Day

A short video on Jane Goodall’s personal message on Earth Day 2018.

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The Functioning Village is the Best Map for the Balanced Human Self

This article is from the Ecovillages Learning Institute addressing the important topic of The Building and Regeneration of Ecosocially Sustainable Communities. It focuses and analyzes community and society from the point of view of childhood development. We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it.

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The Redwood

In the series of Nature is Speaking celebrities like Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Edward Norton and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch the film about The Redwood, which Robert Redford personifies, and take action.

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A “Warning to Humanity”

15,000 scientists just sent out an SOS — a “warning to humanity” that if we don’t stop polluting, our planet is doomed.

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Is It Getting Really Dangerously Hot in Here?

539wThe time-lapse below shows global temperatures for each decade, beginning with 1880. One thing is clear, the world is definitely getting warmer. According to NASA, whether the cause is human activity of natural variability — and the preponderance of evidence says it’s humans — thermometer readings all around the world have risen steadily since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.”

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Earth Overshoot Day 2017

According to scientific research, today, August 2nd 2017, we have used the resources from nature that the planet can renew in a year! Earth Overshoot Day marks the unprecedented environmental damages we made to our planet.

In this short video, you may learn about global resource consumption and excessive use of the Earth’s resources. The narrator explains our Ecological Footprint and Earth Overshoot Day with a particular focus on the #movethedate campaign to move back the day of ecological overshoot. Watch the video, take action and help the campaign.

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Food is Money

Sivarama Swami, a spiritual leader and author, speaks about growing your own food during the harvesting festival in Krishna Valley, the primary model community of our foundation. He explains why is food so valuable, and inspires us to start producing our own foodstuffs and strive for self-sufficiency. Click below to watch the video.

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Washing Clothes by Hand… Is There an Alternative without Electricity?

Yes, there is, indeed.

To the attention of all those who would like to build their own self-sufficient systems, and of course, to those who wash by hand in absence of electricity.

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24 EU Members Call Europe to Shift to Plant-based Diet to Protect the Environment

In what might be the most amazing news coming out of Europe last year is that 24 members of the EU parliament (MEPs) have signed a letter to the European Commission President insisting on a reduction in animal agriculture, and a shift to promoting a plant-based diet.

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The 2010 Sustainability Conference financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed.