Save the World, Be a Vegetarian!

dscn1661-300x225Scientific facts corroborate, anyone can easily become environmentalist. Join the populous camp of vegetarians!

 –  Will I be healthy?
–  Yes, you will.

Compared to meat consumers, the chances for vegetarians to get various diseases of vascular and digestive systems or high blood pressure are 30-70% less.

– Is it possible to produce all necessary foodstuffs on a small-scale field?
– Yes, it is.
On 1.5 hectares you can produce food required for only one meat consumer, however, in the meantime, the same size of land can provide food for six lacto-vegetarians.

–    Can I reduce the rate of rain forest deforestation?
–    Yes, you can.
Stock farming needs pasture and cropland, therefore deforestation is a continuous threat worldwide. For instance, due to beef stock breeding huge rain forests of South America have been destroyed. The size of Central America’s forests have decreased three-quarters during last 25 years.
Each person who shifts to vegetarian diet saves 0.5 hectare of forest per year.

– Can I reduce global climate change?
– Yes, you can.
The meat production industry engaged into animal husbandry emits more greenhouse gases than the whole transportation system together.

– Can I help to slow down the decrease of drinking water resources?
– Yes, you can.
Because of the water requirement of forage production, a meat consumer indirectly uses twelve times as much water as a lacto-vegetarian, and a lacto-vegetarian uses four times much water as a vegan.

Source: Réka Könczey, Andrea S. Nagy – Zöldköznapi Kalauz (published by Föld Napja Alapítvány, Budapest, 1997)

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