The Eco Valley project provides a special opportunity for us to show tangible results in solving urgent national problems brought about by climate changes.
This project fits well into the regional ecological policy of the Southern Transdanubian Region, which is highly education-centered. The project is also completely in harmony with the aims of the New Hungary Development Plan (Új Magyarország Fejlesztési Terv). We already have the necessary basis to build on, the project is well prepared, it has clearly visible and measurable targets, it is cost effective and it is well maintainable in the long term after its implementation. It will be maintained well because:

  • it contributes considerably to the protection of the environment using renewable energies and organic farming.
  • it provides a relevant local action plan to face the global challenges of climate change.
  • it provides well organized education for both young and adult audiences to promote the dissemination of ideas of organic farming and organic living.
  • it creates new jobs and enhances social integration.
  • besides all the above mentioned points, this project is a model project, and a unique eco-touristic target on a European scale.

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