times_2009febr_kicsiEven The Times magazine took notice of the sustainable community of Krishna Valley. With the headline “Self sufficiency” an article with a huge picture was published in the magazine’s issue of 9 February, 2009.
“Krishna worshippers are seen through a window while eating together after a temple service in the Krishna Valley of Somogyvamos, 180 miles southwest of Budapest in Hungary. They live apart from the mainstream population on a 250-hectare estate, where they produce all their food.”


One thought to “Krishna Valley in The Times”

  • Kalikalos Holistic Centre


    Please check our website and see if you think the work we are doing complements your work in Hungary. Perhaps we could collaborate in some way, or network.

    We are a community-based living learning summer school located in the Pelion region of Greece. We earn our living through workshops we offer, but we are far more than a workshop Centre.

    Best wishes Jock Millenson
    2010 Kissos Campus Coordinator


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