The Eco Valley Foundation is organizing a workshop in the field of sustainability, which is supported by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme: Grundtvig for Adult Education Project.

The workshop entitled The Pillars of Sustainability – Developing Small Communities Aiming at Self-sustainability in Europe registered under number GR-WOR-2011-21 will take place between 9th and 16th October, 2011 in Somogyvámos, Hungary.
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The title (and topic) of the workshop:

The Pillars of Sustainability – Developing Small Communities Aiming at Self-sustainability in Europe.

Target group:

The workshop is going to be organized by the Eco Valley Foundation and the target groups of it are such existing or to-be formed communities or individuals aiming at self-sustainability, which wish to apply the fundamental idea of the workshop in their everyday life. According to the plans the number of participants will be 30 people, 20 of whom will come from abroad and 10 will be from our country, Hungary. During major activities participants are going to attend lectures, seminars, take part in interactive field-surveys, fieldwork as well as joint workshops, all of which are meant to transmit theoretical and practical knowledge in connection with self-sufficiency and sustainability. The workshop is going to be organized between 9th and 16th October, 2011 in Somogyvámos, Hungary in the well-known village of Krishna Valley that is situated in the vicinity of Somogyvámos. Krishna Valley is a rural community, which was formed 18 years ago and is considered one of the most successful communities in the field of sustainability and self-sufficiency; therefore, it is the prime model community of Eco Valley Foundation.


The program of the workshop is going to cover 4 main topics. These are the following: Society and Sustainable Development, Managing Self-sustaining Communities, Organic Farming and Social Security. Learners can attend lectures in these particular fields as well as participate in the workshops, field-surveys and fieldworks, too. The speakers of the workshop will be internationally renowned authorities and leaders of the successful project of Krishna Valley. The detailed programme will be sent out to selected candidates later.

Anticipated Impact:

In accordance with the expectations of the Eco Valley Foundation all the learners participating in the workshop will gain inspiration and will commit themselves more to establishing small sustainable communities. Concerning results of the project the participants are most likely going to develop systematic understanding of social, economic, and environmental correlation and a skill for systematic approach. Besides this learners’ skills for recognizing and problem-solving abilities are also going to develop. All the above-mentioned are going to collectively help the application of accumulated knowledge and its adaptation in various circumstances.

Practical Information:

Regarding practical information all applicants must fill in an entry-form (find attached to the letter) in order to apply for the workshop and send it back via email – filled in, signed and scanned (Email address: [email protected]) or post – filled in and signed (Address: Eco Valley Foundation, 8699 Somogyvámos, Fő utca 38., Hungary). After receiving and evaluating the form our foundation will inform the selected applicants about the detailed program.
The host, the Eco Valley Foundation, covers all costs of the workshop including international travel expenses.
However, participants have to be aware of the fact that they have to organize their transportation no matter whether they travel to the venue of the workshop individually or in a group. The organizer can only take share in the organization of inland transportation of foreign participants. This kind of need of the participants must be indicated to the organizers in advance. Refunding of participants’ travel expenses is going to take place at the time of registration against a receipt of travelling ticket, boarding card or invoice indicating petrol expenses. Booking accommodation is also going to be done by the organizer, who is going to meet the different needs of participants based on preliminary discussions. Accommodation booking is to be done by the involvement of subcontractors, which as indicated, also implies the covering of costs. Catering, which includes three vegetarian meals daily, is provided by the organizer as well.

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  • Gyurka

    Dear Kudzo,

    Yes, there is an opportunity to collaborate with us in the field of sustainibility.
    First of all, please send us your CV and a sketch of your research project. After receiving those documents, we will let you know the details of coming here.

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