erasmus-plusThe Eco Valley Foundation has been awarded a grant in the Erasmus+ project entitled “Simple living-high thinking” by the European Commission. This project is a Strategic Partnership project involving 40 youth workers and youth from 5 partner organisations from Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Sweden.

All the participant organisations and their workers are active in youth work, connected with areas of sustainability, self-sufficiency, healthy lifestyle and youth employment. The partners expressed their mutual interest in creating a network based on strong partnerships aimed to connect more and exchange the good practices in relevant areas of their work.

This project will last for 13 months, has started in May 2015 and will end in June 2016. It will involve 3 meetings/trainings of youth workers in Sweden, Hungary and Belgium.


The meetings will be based on different variations of outdoor activities (developing organic gardening, natural permaculture, field trips, yoga sessions), educational trainings (seminars, workshops on transversal skills and innovative methods in connection to youth work), learning opportunities of European instruments/certificates (Youthpass, Europass CV) and practical management education (fundraising for organisations on national and international level, grant writing, Erasmus+ opportunities and presentations). During the partner meetings, photos and videos of activities will be taken and put into media forms to summarize the events and practical results attained.

We will take photos and videos of educational activities, practical outdoor activities and feedback from the youth from local communities who will attain the meetings. At the end of the project the newly created website of the project will help to disseminate the results of it – a documentary film, an educational manual and naturally, the website itself.



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