tanarikonfAmong the programs of the 15th anniversary of Krishna Valley’s establishment, on 31st October, 2008 we organized a teachers’ conference to emphasise the importance of education about enviro-consciousness. The conference hosted nearly 60 guests, teachers from our region.
Gaura Sakti das, president of Krishna Valley briefly introduced the Eco Valley program and then a short film was shown to the audience.

Dr Miklós Persányi (director of Budapest Zoo, former Environmental Minister) gave a speech entitled: “Does climate indulge our future?”. He presented the situation of the approaching ecological, economic and social crises and the importance of enviro-conscious education for children.

The following guests gave a presentation as well: Ernő Csirke (director of five schools in Pécs), Partha das (Environmental Manager of Krishna Valley) and Premamoya das (Educational Manager of Krishna Valley).

After the presentations guests went for a tour on the territory of the farm. The organic garden, the Cow Protection Centre and the elementary school were all introduced by Sundara-gopala das, Govinda-nandana das and Dvaipayana das.

Our guests expressed their intention to cooperate with us in many ways. Most of the participant would like to arrange school-excursions, but also cooperation in organizing “Eco-logic” study circles and Eco-camps were suggested by several teachers.

Those schools who could not participate in this event, but still want to join our program are most welcomed.

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