gyumolcsok„Well-planned vegan and other types of vegetarian diets are appropriate for all stages of life, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood and adolescence,”  was declared in an article of a science magazine (Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research, 2003. Vol 64. No 2).

Biological effects of meat-free diet is examined on a scientific level by the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada. Lacto-vegetarian and vegan diets are analyzed separately.

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  • Quinton Baumberger

    Thank you. I’m supposed to cook for my new vegetarian girlfriend next weekend and have absolutely no idea what to make! I found tons of recipes at this vegetarian recipe site but with so mnay to choose from I just got confused. Do you have any favorites youself, like .. the tastiest vegetarian recipe, ever, or something?! Thanks in advance! I hope it goes well


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