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Tomato Drying and Preserving

I just love tomatoes, so I plant more and more every single year.

There are different kinds of tomatoes like classic, cherry and cocktail tomatoes, plum and baby plum tomatoes, vine or truss tomatoes, etc.

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Buying Meat and Dairy Products in Shops?

Another solution would be better…

According to the spirit and practices of the Eco Valley Foundation, lacto-vegetarianism means a diet including milk products from animals that are cared for by principles of high ethics.

The report published by Greenpeace also encourages us to reduce our consumption of meat and dairy products so as to protect life.

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H.O.P.E. – What You Eat Matters

The groundbreaking documentary about veganism “H.O.P.E. What You Eat Matters” is now available for free in English.

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What and How to Dry?

aszalt-alma-100x100Drying fruits and vegetables is one of the oldest preservation procedure that is unfairly thrust into the background. Today there are several ways to consume fruits and vegetables even in wintertime. (The edible parts of plants may be preserved for example by freezing, cooling, in the form of canned food and various chemical preservatives.)

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Let’s Make Dried Fruits and Veggies!

p1050332_1In September the process of drying has become a timely topic. Various delicious fruits are ripening, our vegetable garden is full of different crops, and the question arises how to preserve, store the surplus for the winter months? What is the best way to do this in an environmental-friendly, healthy, and sustainable way? The answer is definite: by drying!

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The Impact of Meat Consumption on Planet Earth

 square-mfaA short video showing what is happening to our earth. It is high time we truly appreciate the world, that beautiful, thriving bundle of life and love and appreciate it as much as we know.

This is the video future generations will be wishing everyone have watched it today, or maybe yesterday…

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Amaranth and a Recipe of Amaranth Seed Bread

Amaranth has been cultivated as a grain for nearly 8,000 years.  The yield of grain amaranth is comparable to rice or maize. It was used as food, as well as an integral part of religious ceremonies by the Aztecs.

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Cowspiracy Cowspiracy is the film that environmental organizations don’t want you to see!

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Eat More Yoghurt and Drink Rose Mallow Tea in Heatwaves

Hemangi, our well known cook and author of several books gives us some practical advice what to eat and drink in canicular days.

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Meet your Meat

Meet your MeatIf slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian – this is the most important message on the website of the American organisation named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The site is created to show, in a straightforward but shocking way, how animals are neglected, tortured, kept in filthy conditions, and slaughtered often in painful ways to produce meat consumed by people all over the world.

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The 2010 Sustainability Conference financed by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed.