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Moving Mountains and Not only Figuratively

wallpaper-mountain-7In West Virginia, USA mining companies are trying to reach a thin layer of coal under the Appalachian Mountains. In order to manage this difficult task, these companies use a process called “mountaintop removal,” which might sound innocent enough and like a rather impressive feat. However, in reality they just use huge amounts of explosives to blow up the mountain tops, which seems like cheating. Besides destroying mountain tops, they are also massacring the region’s biodiversity by killing hundreds and thousands of living beings and making the areas’ rivers toxic.

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The Sky

13063277_243434736045494_3313987041863085566_oIn the series of Nature is Speaking, Joan Chen personifies the Sky. These videos are very impressive, inspirational and educational and wish to make us aware of the alarming situation of our world. Watch the film about The Sky and take action.

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The Ozone Layer is Still a Problem

ozone_layerYou might all recall that our ozone layer protects us (and basically all life on Earth) from harmful sun rays. Before 1979, the recorded concentration of the Ozone layer had not dipped below 220 Dobson Units, which is an acceptable value. However, ever since then, it has been dramatically thinning.

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The Rainforest

amazon-rainforest-river-aerial-viewIn the series of Nature is Speaking, Kevin Spacey personifies the mighty rainforest. Watch the film about The Rainforest and take action.

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Cutting Down the Amazon at Alarming Rates

brazil3Rondônia, Brazil was once home to 51.4 million acres of gorgeous, life-giving rainforest, however, in the last three decades humans have destroyed a large amount of that forest.

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The Impact of Meat Consumption on Planet Earth

 square-mfaA short video showing what is happening to our earth. It is high time we truly appreciate the world, that beautiful, thriving bundle of life and love and appreciate it as much as we know.

This is the video future generations will be wishing everyone have watched it today, or maybe yesterday…

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Global Climate Change: Shocking NASA Animation

GISTEMP_Dec2015_globe_C_print-62606First signs of weather extremes equal to global climate change…

Twenty years ago I was in high school, when this assumption has already been evident for me. Now, we all know that there are some people questioning global climate change (if it is happening at all!), and then others are considering it as straightforward result of a conspiracy theory.

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The Ocean

The earth_handsIn the series of Nature is Speaking celebrities like Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch the film about The Ocean and take action.

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The (Death of) Aral Sea

aral-picProbably many of you have heard this story…

Once upon a time there was a wonderful lake in the border region of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The lake was fed by two abundant streams, the Amu Darya from south and the Syr Darya from east. The lake’s area was 68,000 square kilometres and it was considered the world’s fourth largest inland sea.

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Something to Think About

earthSomething to think about – Mother nature is speaking.

“I’ve always been an environmentalist, but my life changed the day I had children. I realized that I wasn’t doing enough to protect the planet. People need nature and of course I want my children to have the best possible opportunity in life. I also realized how important it was for me to raise them to be conscientious people that are aware of their impact on the Earth.” (Julia Roberts)

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