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Direction Zagreb – Come to the ‘Joyful Leadership’ Course

We would like to recommend you an exciting, unique opportunity we have for youth workers, young leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as organizations who work with youngsters. We would like to invite you and members of your organisation to our online course. There is no fee for the course, however, there are limited spaces, so apply now at:

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Before and After Lemon: The Green Grape Juice (alias Verjuice)

We have to pick grapes nowadays (in the middle and at the end of July), because when they start ripening, it is too late. Red grapes have to be picked before the colour changes, and white ones before lightening, when they already have enough juice.

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To Sow or Not to Sow in Winter Spring? Answer to Another Reader’s Question.

I thought it is worth giving a detailed answer to our reader’s timely question, which I reckon may sound interesting to many of us.


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To Dig or Not to Dig? Answer to a Reader’s Question.

A few days ago I got a letter from a friend of ours, a loyal reader of our website. The question was: “Do you always dig your garden? Which side do you take in the debate on whether to dig or not to dig?” The up-to-dateness of the question inspired me to come up with a thorough answer. Here I would like to share with you the essence of our correspondence.

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Fresh Vegetables Throughout Winter

There is a huge misunderstanding that we have to lack fresh vegetables from the garden or tray from the balcony during winter. Naturally, we have to grow most of high-nutrient tubers and root-crops in general growing period, nonetheless, vegetables that can be produced in wintertime may be used as complement food, one that supplements our vitamin needs.

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Eco-friendly Wastewater Management 1. – Principles

In our green household series, so far we have spoken on eco-friendly washing detergents and gels. One of the main reasons of using them is that they function in an eco-friendly way, that is to say to use these makes less damage to the environment than the use of their conventional equivalents. In the following articles of our series we will speak on the topic of water management, describing such areas like reed-bed sewage system, or the know-how of setting up a compost toilet, or the method of gathering rain water. We begin our series of articles with the topic of wastewater management.

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Homemade Strawberry Preserve

Strawberry, one of our most delicious, nectarean fruit is growing ripe these days. It may be grown successfully in a separated part of the vegetable garden or in a simple pot, as its demand for place is quite simple. If we plant purchased seedlings or strong sprouts derived from the stems of strawberry bed at the beginning of autumn, then we may harvest the flavourful fruit as early as the following spring. However, I do not want to share tricks of the trades how to produce excellent strawberry, but how to preserve it in three different ways.

A lot of people ask how to bottle strawberry in a way that fruits remain a whole. Strawberry preserve is a highly attractive and tasteful food, and in wintertime it may be used in various ways. Moreover, it may be consumed just in itself. Besides practices of making a strawberry preserve, I will share the method and recipe of strawberry syrup and jam of Krishna Valley.

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Plant Coupling and Crop Rotating in Organic Gardens

This week we are going to deal with an inevitable topic. Use of plant coupling and rotation of crops helps us maintain the health of vegetables, and thus provide fresh produce throughout the whole vegetation period. This article is based on experience from Krishna Valley and research into specialized literature. The whole text is derived from our book entitled Discussions on Self-sufficiency.

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Homemade Detergents: Washing Soda and Household Soap

It is not a question nowadays why it is advisable to swap hard (synthetic) chemicals for green (natural) detergents, as well as using homemade ointments and creams instead of cosmetics and detergents from shops. Besides preserving our environment and protecting our health, it is the length of our purse that makes a lot of us decide to abandon using materials harmful for the environment and our health. In this way we enjoy the advantages of green household.

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Planning the Kitchen Garden

At the end of winter a spark of excitement penetrates individuals inclined and interested in gardening. Most of the snow has already melted in the gardens and daylights are considerably longer. Now, as spring is approaching, it is time to fulfill our dreams.

When planning the kitchen garden, the first question to consider is how much of which vegetable we want this year in the garden, and the other is what vegetable seeds we want to sow and what vegetables to plant. Our family-sized kitchen garden plan can be used as a tangible example to make up your own seeding scheme. As you may know: Good seed makes a good crop.

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